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Business Development

What is Business Development?

We usually think of an entrepreneur as someone who is highly responsive to change, who sees opportunities that others may not see, and who mobilizes resources to make new things happen. Although some people feel that entrepreneurs are born, not made, experience has shown us that entrepreneurship can be taught, and that a positive environment encourages entrepreneurial thinking, promotes innovation, and leads to a higher degree of social and economic sustainability. Businesses, organizations and communities can become more entrepreneurial.

What's the WD Connection?

Strong SME's in western Canada with improved capacity to remain competitive in the global marketplace

Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) collaborates with organizations and other levels of government to:

  • Enhance business productivity and competitiveness,
  • Improved small businesses’ access to information, training, business advisory services and capital,
  • Increase the participation of western small business in export markets
  • Increase investment and branding,
  • Improve trade corridors between the United States, Asia-Pacific and Western Canada
  • Support the development of networks, clusters, and alliances to share knowledge, new ideas and technologies.